Recording Cue Lists to Plexus

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Recording Cue Lists to Plexus

Post by mstrkrft69 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:38 pm

is there a way to load a cue list straight into the Plexus? it looks like i have to play the cue list and record it in real time. is that right? so if i have a cue list that is hours long do i have to do it in real time? also, when i record my cue list and check the box to play off of the 1st cue, my cue list keeps looping repeatedly so i cant just get the single run through the cue list recorded, even though my list isnt set to loop. thanks.

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Re: Recording Cue Lists to Plexus

Post by Fritzsche » Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:34 pm

Thank you for your questions!
1) Unfortunately, there is no way to load a cue list straight into the PLEXUS. (That would mean that the PLEXUS generates effects in real-time, but only a computer with the MADRIX software can do that, while the PLEXUS is a playback solution).
2) Yes, you would have to record the cue list in real time.
3) Thanks for letting us know! We are going to double-check this. To solve this for now, you can edit the record after recording and could cut any single frames that are too much in the Recording window of MADRIX.
Thank you!

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