Multiple patch support for programming

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Multiple patch support for programming

Post by tech108 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:18 pm

Working with Madrix in 3D, I've noticed there are some looks I can't achieve depending on how I've done the initial patch. While I can do a lot of tweaking by making adjustments in the map, I don't have quite as much control as I'd like.

For instance, I've mapped our whole side room in 3D space with the floor, pillars, ceiling and backboards represented like it is in reality. If you look at the 3D patch, it looks exactly like the room is laid out. I can do sweeps through the whole room which is very immersive but it has its limitations for intricate looks on specific strips.

I also have recently completed a 3D sphere of pixels. With this, I mapped it based on the "spokes" coming out of it. I basically squished it back on itself like an accordion into a rectangular form which allows me to do quick precise programming. This is great because I can make a lot of content quickly but the preview doesn't look like the real-world. I can't do diagonal sweeps through the sphere, I can't do a firework explosion from the center of it, and text doesn't translate at all.

I'd like to make multiple patches and have the option to select which patch to use in the look I'm creating, similar to how you can make a custom map for each look if desired.

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Re: Multiple patch support for programming

Post by Guertler » Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:03 pm

Hello tech108,

First of all thank you for the feature request about loading patches during the runtime of MADRIX.
But I think we need to clearify the meaning of the previews a bit. The previews in MADRIX are not designed to visualize the whole project. The task of the preview is to visualize the MADRIX effect on the patch fixtures or on a part of the patched fixtures. If you want to visualize it in real, you have to use a visualizer software.
Furthermore sometimes it makes more sense to split of the fixtures which are located in 3D to a 2D patch to get a better result in MADRIX and at the output. This kind of work is recommended when you are working with a 3D object but the fixtures are only located at the surface and no fixtrues are inside of the volume. In that case the MADRIX preview is working as a technical preview to show how the effect is looking.

Maybe you can send an easy drawing/foto of your venue and the created MADRIX setup via e-mail to info[at]madrix[dot]com and we can have a look if we can improve it a bit so you that you can create your desired effects.

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