How to work with the 8 universes of Nebula

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How to work with the 8 universes of Nebula

Post by ronalromerob » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:07 pm

Hi dears, I have 5 units of nebula and I need to use the 8 universes of each one but I do not know how to connect them, I have tried serial and parallel connection but only the universe 1 works on port 1 and universe 5 on port 2. I Tested with different software but with all the same thing happens, I need your help. Thank you! and sorry for my English

Control: Nebula
Led Strips WS2811 30Led/mt, 1 pixel = 3 leds
PSU Mean Well 6.5 A

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Re: How to work with the 8 universes of Nebula

Post by Guertler » Thu May 11, 2017 12:39 pm

Hey guys,
We followed up to support this request via e-mail. Now we fixed the problem.
The problem was based on several things:
1.) There was a little misstake in the connection of the data and the power wires. Everytime when you connect LEDs to a power supply separately from the NEBULA you have to connect the V+ and the GND from the power supply and the Data and GND from the NEBULA. That means the LED stripe has connected the GND to both.
2.) Connection of the LED stripes. If you want to control every pixel separatly with the NEBULA you have to connect the stripes serial. That means the output of stripe 1 has to be connected with the input of stripe 2. If you connect for instance 2 stripes in parallel to the output of the NEBULA, the output signal will be splitted.
3.) Using of power supplies. A power supply of 6.5A can feed up to 108 LED pixels of a stripe. Because one pixel will need in the worst case up to 20 mA. That means 6500mA / 60 = 108. If you want to control more than 108 pixels with such a power supply, you have to feed in new power supply after 108 pixels.

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