Chip 2811 issue

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Chip 2811 issue

Post by hhanyz » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:18 pm

we bought this led strip ... 0.0.XXSLML

We set everythig right but it's not working

Nebula 1 port 1 works fine, port2 blinking
but nebula n.2 is crazy.

We need to finish tommorow but we trided everything.

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Re: Chip 2811 issue

Post by Guertler » Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:25 am

Hello hhanyz,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.
When you see such kind of flickering on your LEDs, please double check first if you have select the right transmission protocol with the right transmission rate for both ports in the NEBULA. Also you can test another, lower transmission rate.
In the next step please check the used power supply if it can handle the required current. On the posted link you can see one module will need 60mA. If you have connected 100 modules to the power supply for instance, you will need one which can feed 6 A.
In the third step please have a look to the cable connection. How long is the distance between the NEBULA and the first pixel? If the distance is longer than 0.5m, we recommend to use a twisted pair cable for the data and ground to send the control signal.
Please also check the connection between the output of the last pixel which is working correctly and the first one which flickers.

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